Been a while since my last post. Not much to report. No new print work as I'm awaiting a new delivery of ink. In the meantime though, my Moleskine has been getting a bit of a work out.

Here is Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie (from the early 70's when he had a dodgy perm) and Orson Wells, which I think looks more like Lee Majors. Oh, well. I'll post some more later.


Björnik said...

Hey Mick, thanks for helping me out and for sending the brainstormer. I really like it, will use it for my next series.

By the way, your Orson Wells inking is just awesome. I love the boldness and confidence.:)

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Why thank you Mick that is a high mark... Jeff Lamire's work is awesome! Glad you dig the books... I have been itching to do another set of hand done books, however time has not been on my side.
Are you a freelancer or do you work for a studio of some sort?


Flo said...

Great.. Orson Wells
See my... web and my Star!!!
Wonderfull works