One of the places that I visit regularly on the net is a site called Covered.

The brief is for artists to submit a reinterpretation of their favourite comic book covers. There is some really nice work from very talented folks. Thought that I'd have a go. Always been a Silver Surfer fan, one of Stan and Jacks greatest creations. So, here is the befor and after:

Unfortunatly it was rejected.



I'm officially open for business.

About three minutes ago my online shop went live. You can now buy copies of my print work. These are screen print pulled by my own hands (oops, that sounds a bit dirty, sorry). There are currently eight prints available and I'll be adding to the roster soon so go have a look to see if anything takes your fancy. Paypal is the best (actually only) way to pay, even though it was a bit of a bugger to intigrate into the HTML of the pages.

I've also been out and about checking out the competition. The Wirksworth Arts festival is, in their own words "a wealth of great art in unexpected places. Sixteen days of contemporary visual art and performance with two unmissable highlight weekends". Sound good, eh? It finishes this weekend so if your in the vicinity go take a look. The art is displayed in folk's homes so, even if the work is bad, which this year certainly hasn't been the case, you can still snoop around other peoples houses. If I can get my act together for next year I might just take part myself.


At the risk of boring everyone to death I'm still having problems with that damn printer, sigh! So that means no new print, again. In the interim I'm trying to get my shop up and running, hopefully this week some time.

I'm also working on a few promo type images that I can post on a few other places that are on my radar. Things to get folks coming here and to
my portfolio site. I'll post those here once they are there, if that makes any sense.

At work today, during my lunch break, I did a little sketch of a classic Universal Monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon.


I discovered that the printing problem that I'd encountered a couple of weeks ago (God, was it that long ago) was being caused by the damn printer itself. The paper/transparency's feed underneath a retaining bar just before the printer spits out the hard copy. This bar is fitted with small sprockets to, I presume, help the paper feed through the machine. Because the ink on the transparency does not dry instantly, like it does on paper, these sprockets were dragging the ink from its surface leaving a dozen neat rows of small dots on the image. I had to take a screw driver to the thing and remove it. I think that it still works OK but I have been unable to test this as I ran out of ink farting around with the damn thing. Ink arrives tomorrow so testing will ensue.

In the mean time I've done a little sketching in my trusty Moleskine.