On Sunday, as a break from the rigours of D.I.Y Helen and I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It's a great place to unwind, very tranquil (except for the screaming kids). The grounds are beautiful and the new annex houses some great contemporary sculpture, although you can't use your camera in there, which is pants, so here are some shots of outside.


Here are some shots to show that I have been working hard over the past two weeks. And this is just the down stairs. I built those shelves by the way, cool eh? And that green in the kitchen is only on one wall, the rest are white.

In between battles with a dieing PC, I managed to redecorate the whole house. Phew! Now I'm configuring my new Dell PC. So far so good. Except that a couple of programs that I use wont load, no matter what I try. Photoshop and Dreamweaver just wont play ball. Bugger. Which means it will probably be a couple more weeks until I can get back to work at Green Door.


Looks like I'll be out of action for a couple of weeks.

No blogging for me. My PC has decided that it's had enough. Once I can get it to boot up, which is once in every third or fourth attempt, it operates really erratically. It over heats and I have to run it with the side panel off the base unit in order to keep it cool. In light of these problems I have ordered myself a brand new all singing, all dancing Dell base unit. It's about three or four years since I upgraded the old box of tricks. I usually build my own (which is why I know that mine has had it - memory problems) but to be honest it is just as cheap these days to buy one ready built.

This also means that, what with my two weeks off decorating, I'll have had no time to prepare new work for my studio visits. Argh! Once the new box arrives it'll be at least a week until it is set up to my liking. But I'll try to do some sketching and post to Skine Art.

I'm back at work on Monday and I have had a text today from a friend which reported that Swine Floo is in the office.



Today is the start of two weeks and two days of annual leave.

I'd like to say that it'll be two weeks and two days of rest and relaxation, of sketching and working up some new ideas for pictures, of doing whatever I damn well please. I'd like to say that but in actual fact I'm going to spend two weeks and two days fixing up the old home stead.

It's been about five years since Helen and I refurbished the place and now it's starting to get a bit tired. It's now or never and never is not an option.

So, I'll post when I can and work IF I can. But mostly I'll be building and painting and hammering and plastering and...

the list goes on.