Here are some shots to show that I have been working hard over the past two weeks. And this is just the down stairs. I built those shelves by the way, cool eh? And that green in the kitchen is only on one wall, the rest are white.

In between battles with a dieing PC, I managed to redecorate the whole house. Phew! Now I'm configuring my new Dell PC. So far so good. Except that a couple of programs that I use wont load, no matter what I try. Photoshop and Dreamweaver just wont play ball. Bugger. Which means it will probably be a couple more weeks until I can get back to work at Green Door.


mark said...

Nice job on the decorating, looks cool. I like the dog print with the antlers. Is it one of yours?

mick statham said...

Awsome, isn't it. No sadley I can't take the credit for this. It's by a guy who goes by the name of Paul Insect. Go to http://www.picturesonwalls.com/Art_Artists.asp?Artist=Insect&Offset=0&PageNo=1
I have another piece by him also from the same place. Oh, and I bought a Banksy at the same time, a few years ago when they were still cheap. How good is that? Love the Fyndes site. I could spend hours on there.

aine scannell said...

Hello Mick...I actually like the green on that kitchen wall but then you may already appreciate that?! Given ythe visual aesthetic and kinds of things you seem to like from looking at your website and blog ... hope you haven't been too disappointed . I certainly have - apart from half of what I got. But, in a way that's another story

best wishes