This is what I'm working on for tomorrow. It's called 'The weight of the world'. And for those in the know, yes the figure is a homage to the Jim Steranko cover from Giant Size Incredible Hulk number 1, published in the early 70's. Problem is, I have a new Epson printer that is refusing to print my acetates correctly.

Really, really pissed off.


When I was a kid I could not stand Jack Kirbys art. I just didn't get it. Which was a bit of a problem as most of Marvel's output in the early days was drawn by Jack. Now though, I just can't get enough Kirby (the old F.F. stuff is pure genious).

I found these two video's on you tube that gives a small insight into the man and his talent.

The King is dead, long live the King.


I read comics.

Yes, I'm in my 40's but don't hold that against me. It's a visual thing I guess. The words and pictures just fit, you know? I've been reading them since I was a kid. In fact it's where I get my 'talents' from. I used to copy the characters, over and over, until I could do it blind folded. These were American Super Hero comics, not the Beano and Dandy types that we had in the UK (or Great Britain, as it was in those days, before the E.U. but don't get me started). Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, John Romita, Neil Adams, George Perez and more. Legends in their own lunch time. My heroes. The people that I wanted to be like.

That didn't happen but I kept on reading. And my tastes these days are many and varied. I have a particular fancy for web comics. Easy to get hold of, great reads and cheap if not free, which is always a bonus. In particular I visit these guys regularly.

I stumbled upon Transmission X a while back and I'm an avid fan of Cameron Stewarts Sin Titulo. Michael Cho's paper cuts is also worth a look. He has a nice retro style to his work that I realy like.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I'm working on a couple of things myself and I'm hoping to post a few samples here sometime. We'll see.