Blog has now moved

I haven't used this blogger account for some time but I've recently become aware that folks are still visiting from time to time. If you'd like to see what I'm upto these days please go over to my new blog home at:


I'll see you there.


Ch,ch,ch, changes

For a while now I've been using Tumblr as a host for a couple of my other blogs, Lunchtime Lens and Pickt, and I have decided that the time is right to move Excess Memory over there also.

I guess that the reason most people keep a blog is so that they can have it read by as many folks as possible. And that's my problem. I don't really think that many people, if indeed any, stop by EM. And this lack of readership makes my efforts seem pointless. Yes, I enjoy writing these posts and for the most part, I'm primarily writing them for my own entertainment. But a little encouragement would be nice.

My Tumblr blogs, on the other hand, have a healthy following which provides a great incentive to carry on with them (and a great ego boost too). Which is why, over the next couple of weeks Excess Memory will be moved over to http://excessmemory.tumblr.com where, I hope, more readers will find my work.

So, for those that do read this blog, please check over at:

where EM will be making it's new home over the next few weeks.

Goodbye Blogger, it's been emotional.


Follow that mouse

I'm probably the last man to the party, as usual, but having found this great little application I'm completely hooked.

IOGraphica visually records the paths and clicks of your mouse as you work creating unique results every time you use it. See for your self. These are just a few of my creations from the last couple of days.

15 and a half minutes mouse activity.

1 hour ten minutes mouse activity.

1 hour thirty minutes mouse activity.


Drum roll please...

And so the revamp of my portfolio web site, http://www.mickstatham.com/, is finally finished. After what seems like an absolute age, all the pages, links, images and waffling have come together to complete a shiny new, minimal, gridy site.

I'm not an HTML coder or a professional web site designer, that's why I use Dreamweaver, a great program once owned by Macromedia but now part of the Adobe family. That said, I'd like to think that I know my way around when it comes to being able to tweak Dreamweavers code when necessary. For instance, as the art page contains rollovers which don't operate on mobile devices, I slipped in an extra line of code to allow mobile devices using iOS, Android etc. to go to a different page that doesn't use the rollover effect. I've also had the Devils own job getting the site to behave in IE8, Safari and Google Chrome. IE8 seems to interpret HTML in peculiar ways but, in the end, I managed to tame it (unless you know different).

Above all I wanted this version of the site (which I believe is now version 5.0) to be simple. This time around it's just about the art and on this version, the photography. Everything is designed around a grid layout which makes it look crisp and hopefully will give the site a longevity so that any redesign will not now be needed for some considerable time.


Lunchtime Lens Vol.1

Those that follow me on this blog, on Twitter or on Tumblr will know about the Lunchtime Lens project. LtL is a small corner of the internet which showcases the  photographs that I take during my lunchtime break from 'the day job'.

Through this project, photography is quickly becoming a minor passion. And, as with my print work, it's also something that I like to share. With that in mind I've compiled a small book, predictably titled 'Lunchtime Lens vol.1 - the photography of Micheal Statham' which is a collection of some of the best images from LtL so far. It's a 40 page soft cover book containing both colour and black and white samples of my work and sells for £14.95 (which is about €22 or $27) plus p&p.

If anyone is interested and would like a copy please click here to buy.


A Single Man

The other night I Finally saw Tom Ford's debut movie offering 'A Single Man'. I wasn't expecting much it has to be said. It would be a couple of hours that were no more than style over content, I was sure of that. And there was style a plenty. Sharp suits, beautiful people, moody flash backs. Everything had that Mid Century Modern stamp on it. It looked good enough to watch with the sound off. But doing that would have been a tragedy.

A Single Man, based on the book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, is set in paranoia fuelled days of the Cuban missile crisis during 1962. George Falconer (Colin Firth) is an expat English professor, now living in Los Angeles, who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his partner. The weight of Falconers unbearable sadness permeates the entire film. I say that like it's a bad thing, but it isn't. There's no doubt from the viewers perspective that Falconer intends to end his loneliness by taking his own life. This opinion might be reached from witnessing his interaction with those around him. Perhaps it's because he appears to be getting his affairs in order. Or perhaps it's that he buys bullets for his old revolver. Yes, that would be the give away.

But his attempts to shoot himself are thwarted by his obsessive compulsiveness, a scene which adds a little light heartiness to the melancholy. As the day unfolds (the story unfolds over a 24 hour period) we see falconer's interaction with others. Carlos, a Spanish prostitute, Kenny, one of Falconers students and Charley an ex lover and confidant played by Julianne Moore. By the end of that day, you get the impression that suicide might now be the second, if not the last thing on Falconers mind. Unfortunately the fates have other plans.

Perfectly cast, perfectly paced and perfectly adapted from the source. I urge you to see this.

Oh, and Colin Firth dances only marginally better than he sings.