Lunchtime Lens Vol.1

Those that follow me on this blog, on Twitter or on Tumblr will know about the Lunchtime Lens project. LtL is a small corner of the internet which showcases the  photographs that I take during my lunchtime break from 'the day job'.

Through this project, photography is quickly becoming a minor passion. And, as with my print work, it's also something that I like to share. With that in mind I've compiled a small book, predictably titled 'Lunchtime Lens vol.1 - the photography of Micheal Statham' which is a collection of some of the best images from LtL so far. It's a 40 page soft cover book containing both colour and black and white samples of my work and sells for £14.95 (which is about €22 or $27) plus p&p.

If anyone is interested and would like a copy please click here to buy.

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