Drum roll please...

And so the revamp of my portfolio web site, http://www.mickstatham.com/, is finally finished. After what seems like an absolute age, all the pages, links, images and waffling have come together to complete a shiny new, minimal, gridy site.

I'm not an HTML coder or a professional web site designer, that's why I use Dreamweaver, a great program once owned by Macromedia but now part of the Adobe family. That said, I'd like to think that I know my way around when it comes to being able to tweak Dreamweavers code when necessary. For instance, as the art page contains rollovers which don't operate on mobile devices, I slipped in an extra line of code to allow mobile devices using iOS, Android etc. to go to a different page that doesn't use the rollover effect. I've also had the Devils own job getting the site to behave in IE8, Safari and Google Chrome. IE8 seems to interpret HTML in peculiar ways but, in the end, I managed to tame it (unless you know different).

Above all I wanted this version of the site (which I believe is now version 5.0) to be simple. This time around it's just about the art and on this version, the photography. Everything is designed around a grid layout which makes it look crisp and hopefully will give the site a longevity so that any redesign will not now be needed for some considerable time.

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