I've just signed up for Twitter and have absolutely no idea how to use it.

This was mainly to follow Tom Wild's updates on the Lucidity book, although I'm having trouble finding him. Think I'll try following Barack Obama, see what he's up to.

I'm also going to try a little experiment. I have noticed from my stats that the most frequent hits are from folks searching for Carl Malden references. I mentioned him in a really early post here. I'm going to post a list of ten items that folks might be using Google to find today to see what happens. Here goes:

Michael Jackson (obviously).
Barack Obama.
Armed police.
Mobile phone ring tones.
Epson printers.
Water rationing.
Eye surgery.
Cat litter.
New red shoes.

I'll post the results here in a week


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Green Door were hosting an International Print exchange. I had planned to submit a design based around one of my Lucha Libré characters. Unfortunately this just wasn't working out. I think that the size constraint of the print, 10cm x 10cm was just too fine for the image. I agonised long and hard over this (for a bit anyway) and decided to do this instead. I have recently re-vamped my web site and this is part of the new logo that I designed for it. Worked out really well.


Boy, was that hard work?

Setting up the exhibition on Friday was a bit of a task. The room that we had, top floor of Cafe Zen, was, well, a bit grubby. So before Anna, Pan, Nat, Chris and myself could even start to hang the work there was a bit of cleaning and tarting up to be done. To be honest, I didn't think that we would be done in time but, as usual, everything came together at the end. Man, was I knackered? I found out that we actually have the space for a whole year so the pieces should change periodically. There are some pics
here on Flickr.


Had two pieces of news today.

Firstly the show at
Café Zen is being set up on Friday. There's a private viewing on Saturday, from which I should have some photo's, and it's set to run from the 22nd for public viewing. If you're in the local vicinity, go check it out.

The next item of news is that my work will be included in a book. How cool is that? The book is called Lucidity and it's been put together by a guy called Tom Wild and showcases the work of artists from all over the world. Tom has had numerous requests for copies of the book from design agencies so you never know...

I'm doubly excited about this because one of the artists included along with yours truly is Tommy Kane. I've followed this guy for a while and really dig his work.


The Café Zen show is running a little behind. Actually, I think I was premature with the announcement. It should take place the week of the 22nd June onward (for a couple of weeks I think). At least I'm all ready, I'm usually late for things, or down to the wire at any rate. In the mean time I'm updating my web site and working on some other items, new prints etc. There is an international print exchange organised by Green-Door and I thought that I might submit this. It's only a small image, 10cm x 10cm, but it should look nice once its printed.