Noah K. Everyday

Noah K. is a thirty year old photographer from Brooklyn. Since he was 19, Noah has taken a photograph of his own face every single day. I find this both fascinating and scary at the same time. Check out Noah's work here.


Oliver Jeffers part two.

More Oliver Jeffers goodness, this time words from the man himself.


Are you Lost?

For those of you that are missing Lost, and I include myself in that group, you might find some solace here. This is Jonah M. Adkins's Tumblr blog dedicated to the cartography of the Lost island.


Hey, man, where's the fire?

Thursday, last week, a fire broke out in a house just up the street from ours. The fire brigade arrived quick sharp and within half an hour the flames were out, as were the windows and the front door. The boys with the shiny yellow helmets bought the blaze under control, although not before the flames had propagated to the house next door. Fortunately no one was hurt.

On Saturday the letter box rattled and this booklet dropped on the welcome mat. Every house in the vicinity of ground zero had been given a little bedtime reading. Although this handy dandy guide on how not to have a fire and, if you must have a fire, how not to die in one, didn't have much of a plot. However the pictures were actually quite pretty. Primary colours and big bold typography were employed to rather nice effect in order to get the safety message across.

O.K. so it's not the Feltron report but this is safety guidance for the masses, what do you expect.


Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers creates children's books that are unique and entertaining. I love his work and, even though I don't have any kids of my own, I still had to buy The Great Paper Caper when I saw it offered for two quid in a shop yesterday.

Usual suspects, anyone? I can see Kevin Spacey in a bear costume.


Synthetica, a New Continent of Plastics.

Every wonder where your plastic originates from. This map, which was printed in Fortune magazine in 1940, depicted "a continent of fictional lands each symbolising different aspects of the then still new and exciting world of plastics is shown, floating on a sea of glass".

via Strange maps.     


Evan Hecox

I've been an admirer of Evan Hecox for years. This all too brief film from Vimeo allows us a peek into Mr. Hecox's process.


what, no iPad review?

I'm just letting everyone know that I won't be posting a review of the iPad. If you'd like to see some though, try these nice people.

Esquire // Engadget // Channel 4 // the Guardian // It's Nice That // Creative Review //

oh bugger, just Google it, O.K.

If, after reading those reviews, you still want one go to Apple and they will gladly take your money from you.

And for those of you that guessed correctly that I don't have one but desperately, desperately want one, you can just wipe that smug smiles of your faces ;-P




For a while now I've been keeping another blog over at Tumblr (sorry Blogger, you're still my first) so, just in case you don't visit there, here are few random images. For more try my tumblr blog pickt.


House Industries

My House Industries free Eames catalog arrived this morning. A nice little freebie showcasing what House is best at: font design. There are some very pretty faces here and, if you don't already have it, go order it now.