O.K. now I'm getting just a little bit ticked off. Still no word from 123-reg about my domain transfer. Time is of the essence here. Do they not relise that I'm a very impatient man. I want this done yesterday (well, I would settle for today if that would help).


I'm redesigning my web site at the moment. It's almost complete, a little HTML tweak here, a dash of design sparkle there and clunky old mickstatham.com will be transformed into shiny new mickstatham.com (with bells on).

I used to be hosted by www.123-reg.co.uk but there deals seemed a bit basic. After a bit of digging my new home will be http://www.godaddy.com/. And thanks to the guy's of Ifanboy (www.ifanboy.com) I've got a 10% discount. I'm having a bit of bother transferring my domain but this is more a problem at 123's end rather than Godaddy so, fingers crossed, I should be with my new host by the weekend.
Ignore these images. They're just for the background.


O.K. so, here it is.

The first post in my new blog. Haven't kept one of these thing's since 2003. Yep, it's been that long.

Oh, the blog's called 'excess memory'. It's kind of a repository for thing's that I just don't have room for in my head. Which used to be quite a bit back in the old days when I kept 'excess memory' going for a couple of years. It died because I was just too busy. Not to say that I'm not busy now. I'd like to think that I'm just more organised.