A Single Man

The other night I Finally saw Tom Ford's debut movie offering 'A Single Man'. I wasn't expecting much it has to be said. It would be a couple of hours that were no more than style over content, I was sure of that. And there was style a plenty. Sharp suits, beautiful people, moody flash backs. Everything had that Mid Century Modern stamp on it. It looked good enough to watch with the sound off. But doing that would have been a tragedy.

A Single Man, based on the book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, is set in paranoia fuelled days of the Cuban missile crisis during 1962. George Falconer (Colin Firth) is an expat English professor, now living in Los Angeles, who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his partner. The weight of Falconers unbearable sadness permeates the entire film. I say that like it's a bad thing, but it isn't. There's no doubt from the viewers perspective that Falconer intends to end his loneliness by taking his own life. This opinion might be reached from witnessing his interaction with those around him. Perhaps it's because he appears to be getting his affairs in order. Or perhaps it's that he buys bullets for his old revolver. Yes, that would be the give away.

But his attempts to shoot himself are thwarted by his obsessive compulsiveness, a scene which adds a little light heartiness to the melancholy. As the day unfolds (the story unfolds over a 24 hour period) we see falconer's interaction with others. Carlos, a Spanish prostitute, Kenny, one of Falconers students and Charley an ex lover and confidant played by Julianne Moore. By the end of that day, you get the impression that suicide might now be the second, if not the last thing on Falconers mind. Unfortunately the fates have other plans.

Perfectly cast, perfectly paced and perfectly adapted from the source. I urge you to see this.

Oh, and Colin Firth dances only marginally better than he sings.


Update on the update

So close now to putting the final finishing touches to my portfolio revamp. As well as my art work I have decided to use this opportunity to showcase some of my photography.

I really don't know if I'm any good when it comes to taking photographs. I just know what I like. Following on from my Lunchtime Lens project I found an instant gratification in taking 'snaps', something which I've not felt, creatively, for some time.

Oh, and I'm considering cobbling together some kind of print on demand photo book, you know, just in case...


Hello, my names Don

Actually, no it's not. And if you've been hooked by Mad Men as I have you'll know that, despite the man oozing utter charm and coolness, he's still a bit of a twit. But, when all said and done, Don Draper is a man who really knows how to wear a suit.

This weekend, Helen and myself will be attending the wedding of one of her work colleagues. It'll be an all day affair of hobnobbing with folks which we don't really know that well and it will culminate with Helen dragging a reluctant moi onto the dance floor. Oh, the embarrassment. But, I digress.

Helen has been prepared for weeks, outfit ready and looking gorgeous as ever. I, on the other hand, rarely look gorgeous in anything. But the effort and intention is always there. This time I'll be sporting a medium grey suit, white shirt and dark grey, slim tie. I'll be doing all I can not to show up my beloved, at least in the couture stakes at any rate. With a bit of luck I might even give Don a run for his money.

Does anyone know where I could acquire some charm at this late stage?


Logo clinic

There's been a lot of logo talk here lately. Perhaps because it's a very important part of any business and it's not an easy job (I know) to create a memorable mark. My hat is off to those folks who's proffession is to come up with 'the look'.

But, for the rest of us, there is help at hand.

The Logo Clinic is a Tumblr based site run by Graham Smith of imjustcreative. Graham is a U.K. based designer who:
so Graham knows his stuff and, if you're stuggling with your design, he is willing to cast an eye over your logo and perhaps you'll just be lucky enough to be given his expert advice.