Hey, man, where's the fire?

Thursday, last week, a fire broke out in a house just up the street from ours. The fire brigade arrived quick sharp and within half an hour the flames were out, as were the windows and the front door. The boys with the shiny yellow helmets bought the blaze under control, although not before the flames had propagated to the house next door. Fortunately no one was hurt.

On Saturday the letter box rattled and this booklet dropped on the welcome mat. Every house in the vicinity of ground zero had been given a little bedtime reading. Although this handy dandy guide on how not to have a fire and, if you must have a fire, how not to die in one, didn't have much of a plot. However the pictures were actually quite pretty. Primary colours and big bold typography were employed to rather nice effect in order to get the safety message across.

O.K. so it's not the Feltron report but this is safety guidance for the masses, what do you expect.

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