I discovered that the printing problem that I'd encountered a couple of weeks ago (God, was it that long ago) was being caused by the damn printer itself. The paper/transparency's feed underneath a retaining bar just before the printer spits out the hard copy. This bar is fitted with small sprockets to, I presume, help the paper feed through the machine. Because the ink on the transparency does not dry instantly, like it does on paper, these sprockets were dragging the ink from its surface leaving a dozen neat rows of small dots on the image. I had to take a screw driver to the thing and remove it. I think that it still works OK but I have been unable to test this as I ran out of ink farting around with the damn thing. Ink arrives tomorrow so testing will ensue.

In the mean time I've done a little sketching in my trusty Moleskine.

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Björnik said...

Hey Mick, has it been that long? Pretty busy these days. I think we all ran into some serious problems of our own. And it's a good thing right, it's the only way we learn. Thank you for the well wishes, I wish you the same in life! Nice bold illustrations as usual, keep it up mate!;)