I'm officially open for business.

About three minutes ago my online shop went live. You can now buy copies of my print work. These are screen print pulled by my own hands (oops, that sounds a bit dirty, sorry). There are currently eight prints available and I'll be adding to the roster soon so go have a look to see if anything takes your fancy. Paypal is the best (actually only) way to pay, even though it was a bit of a bugger to intigrate into the HTML of the pages.

I've also been out and about checking out the competition. The Wirksworth Arts festival is, in their own words "a wealth of great art in unexpected places. Sixteen days of contemporary visual art and performance with two unmissable highlight weekends". Sound good, eh? It finishes this weekend so if your in the vicinity go take a look. The art is displayed in folk's homes so, even if the work is bad, which this year certainly hasn't been the case, you can still snoop around other peoples houses. If I can get my act together for next year I might just take part myself.

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