As Halloween has just been and gone here are a few monster sketches that I put up on the Comic Geek Speak forum. First the one and only Cookie Monster. Next up is Ro-Man from the B movie Robot Monster. Then we have the Mole-Man's monster from Fantastic Four number 1 and finally the creepiest monster of 'em all, H R Gigers Alien.

I'll be getting back to some 'real' work just as soon as I can. I have a few ideas that are currently fermenting in my tiny brain. I'd like to do some original, one off images. I'm thinking small, six inches square perhaps. Maybe multimedia. Definitely involving an element of screen printing. I might offer them for sale here so watch this space.

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suzanne cabrera said...

I reeeaaaaly like your work and the subtle gray shadows. Love how this one element adds so much dimension.