A few months ago I mentioned that my studio, Green Door, was hosting an international print exchange. Well, I've just received my prints from those who submitted and I have to say that I'm really chuffed with what I got in return. Here are just a couple.

The first is by Norman McBeath from Scotland and the second by Li Yong Chen from California.

I hope whoever has mine likes it.

I also managed to, finally, get a print down of 'Weight of the World'. What with my printer issues etc. I was beginning to think this would never happen. Well, here it is. Not perfect by any means. I found that a print of this size really needs to be executed on as big a screen as possible. I split each layer over two screens, which lead to some problems with registration. But hey, we learn from these mistakes, right?


Björnik said...

This is a clever idea man! I wish I had thought of this first.:)

I don't find anything wrong about the print, it just adds to the character.:)


This print is very cool. Very nice design.