It's Christmas time once again and my favourite festive event is imminent. That's right, the Doctor Who Christmas special will air in two days...well, what else did you think I was talking about?

I've been a fan of the Dr. since I was old enough to be able to turn on the family black and white T.V. and to mark such an auspicious event as the ushering in of a new Dr. I thought I'd sketch a few of his previous incarnations.

Even though I was too young to remember William Hartnells portrayal (63-66), I did catch up with these episodes many, many years later. His Dr. was foreboding, mysterious and down right scary. A great place to start.

Patric Troughton (66-69) just made it into my child hood memory. It was his last episode which was actually my first Dr. experience. Which instantly confused me as, just as we had met, he changed into John Pertwee. Go figure. But from there I was hooked and spent every Saturday evening watching the Dr.'s amazing adventures. Troughton to Pertwee to Baker.

Then I 'grew up' and the Dr. and I parted company. It would not be until years later that Paul McGann took up the mantle in a mid-nineties T.V. movie. An event that was integral in Helen an I getting together. It actually wasn't bad. A little too Hollywood perhaps, but a good attempt at relaunching the franchise.

2005 rolled around and the Dr. was back for good in the form of Chris Eccleston. Not only was the Dr. back but so was I, back on the sofa, just waiting for the inevitable Dalek appearance.

Then came David Tennant, without 'who' the show might have become just another remake (I'm thinking about V, has anyone seen that?). But Dave's moving on and handing the keys to the Tardis to a would be time lord, Matt Smith.

As the Dr. knows only too well, time marches on. This could be where the series takes a serious nose dive but I've my fingers crossed that that wont happen.

Don't let me down, Matt.

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