I'm ready...
for the show at Café Zen. As any reader of this blog will know, and yes I do have a few readers, I have been working on these images for a while now (a quick check tells me it was back in February when I started work on these). And, drum roll please, here they are, framed and ready to hang either next Thursday or Friday. I'll be dropping them off at Green-Door tomorrow ready for the big day. This'll be my first real show participation since way back in 2003. I have to say that I am really excited. I had to take a quick snap of the little blighters just to see what they look like together and I think they look the dogs. But then I would wouldn't I.

These four prints are in editions of fifty, printed on acid free 300gsm paper and, should anyone fancy one, are available for £85 each (p+p to be advised - UK and world wide).

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Björnik said...

Hey Mick! The last time I checked, you only have Ares. And now your army is complete! Are you going to take over the world with these badass characters!haha Poseidon's got to be my favorite!

Congratulations on the show man. I'm so happy and excited for you!