Every once in a while my back decides it's time to remind me that I'm getting old(er). Since Monday morning it's been playing up. Giving me 'some jip' as my dad would have said. I have not got a clue why it's being such a pain (literally). I've not run a marathon, lifted a car with nothing but my bare hands, wrestled a bear or engaged in envious bouts of rampant sex (I was saving that for the weekend). Sitting is the problem. The more exercise my posterior gets the more acute the pain becomes. Which is a shame because I had planned to visit the Green Door Open Acess Printmaking Studio on Friday. They're having an open week and Friday is the last day, the only day that I can make. I'm begining to think that driving may be a problem.

It's a long walk to Derby from here. Better start now.

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anna johnson said...

Do I take it you might not arrive today then?
Give me a call if your not coming!

Anna Johnson
Creative Director
Green Door