I made it.

The drive to Derby was...excruciating, to say the least. But you do what you have to, right? The guy's at Green Door Printmaking Studio were really nice. Anna, who runs the place, was very approachable, as was her husband (and for the life of me I can't remember his name, sorry). I also met Pan, their daughter, who was also charming and was willing to answer any dumb question that I posed to her. The facilities were just what I had been looking for so the cheque is in the post (it will be by pay day at any rate). If I understand correctly, Pan will be running the screen printing courses, so as soon as the details are in place, I'll be back at Green Door, probably learning that I actually know less than I realize about screen printing.

News on the back front (???) isn't good though. Saw the Dr. on Thursday and he has told me not to go to work for a couple of weeks and prescribed Diazepam and some other unpronounceable drug. Not too keen on the sound of those so we'll see what happens. Asked him if it was a sign of old age to which his reply was 'No'. So good news there. He blames my condition on my chair at work. One of the perils of having a desk job (other than falling asleep at it) is a propensity toward posture problems. That's what eighteen years at a keyboard will get ya.


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