Work...just not too hard.

I'm not at my best on Monday mornings, a fact to which my wife can attest.

This is not intentional. My initial aim on these days is to be bright and breezy but, unfortunately, with in thirty minutes of arriving at work, some one will always do or say something stupid. Something which will tip me over the edge into the Monday morning pit of despair.

As the week wears on, my mood lifts until, on Saturday morning, I'm back to my cheerfully, fun loving self.

Generally, I think that we could all sum up our working lives as 'a means to a an end'. I could probably count on a clenched fist the number friends that 'love' their work. But then thinking about it, it's not the work that gets me down as much as the...and here I have to stop in fear of a law suit with my name on it.

As if to illustrate my point, I stumbled across Michael Rianda's animated gem on Vimeo.  

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