Jonathan Ross on Turf

I've posted alot of video on here lately but I saw this last night and had to share it.

I was totally unaware of Mr Ross's ambitions as a comic book writter. I knew of his passion for the medium and of his ledgendary comics collection which boasts, reportedly, Detective Comics number twenty seven, Action Comics number one and a vast amount of original art. It's clear from this interview on Comic Book Resources that Jonathan is passionate about not just this new endevour of his but about the comic book industry as a whole. I imagine that he could probably answer any question you'd care to throw at him about comics, their history and their creators.

Turf spins a tale of gangsters, vampires and aliens set against a back drop of prohibition era New York. The characterisation is good, considering that this is his first writting endevour. It's gritty, entertaining, irreverent and doesn't take itself too seriously...just like Jonathan himself.

His cohort on this new project is Tommy Lee Edwards, himself somewhat of a veteran of the medium. His style suites the story perfectly. Any time that Edwards draws a gangster, I'm on board.

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