Busy doing nothing

Well, that's not strictly true.

This is my first week back on the job (oo, er, mrs) and to be frank I'm knackered. But on the bright side I was off today for another blood test (being off is the bright bit). So, after that task was completed early doors, I came back home to start a new project.

Yes, as well as my new typography blog InAnyCase, I've started a photography blog over at Tumblr.

This week, during my lunch 1/2 hour I've been popping out of the office to stretch my weary legs. It's been such a beautiful week, weather wise, that I thought I'd take a few snaps with the old iPhone. Originally I was goint to post them here via my phone but the Tumbler option is so much more convenient.

I'm aiming to take at least a couple of shots a day so if any one is interested, you can see them here. Tumblr will also instantaneously post them to my twitter feed so those that are following will get instant updates. There's also a direct link over in the menu to the right, 'LTL' which stands for LunchTimeLens. 

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