Can somebody call a doctor?

Yesterday I was diagnosed as having an over active thyroid.

For the last six weeks or so I've felt pretty awful. Tired, constantly hungry, my heart tried it's best to leap from my chest and probably the worst symptom of all was the constant shaking of my body. I even found my cognitive functions failing me at times. You’re probably asking why did I leave it six weeks before seeking medical advice.

The answer to that is fear.

I've never felt so unwell in my any of my forty five years. The possibility of something really serious crossed my mind every time I picked up a glass and tried to stop my hand from shaking. But a week ago I bit the bullet and saw the Dr. He initially diagnosed over production of adrenalin due to stress but the result of my first blood test (I've had more blood tests than I am comfortable with and there will no doubt be more to come) showed that my thyroid gland was up the creek.

I'm on Beta Blockers to stop the shakes and something else to help reduce my thyroid hormone levels. I'm also signed off from work for at least two weeks.

That's the best bit of news I've had for ages.

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susan said...

just a quick, thanks for visiting my blog... while you are off work, you should try some watercolors! reminding you of your kid like adventures! thanks again for stopping by and i hope you are on the road to recovery really really soon. best- susan