Spring clean

Just been going through my hard drive, spring cleaning I guess, and came across this image. It's a piece that I did for my wife back in 2006. She was at collage at the time on a beauty therapy course. The hair department (or what ever it was called) was next door and Helen had heard that they were having an offer in the salon. It was something to do with using the students as guinea pigs, or something. They wanted posters to put around the collage to attract trade and Helen mentioned that I dabbled in graphic design to the head of the department who said o.k. So this was the result. Unfortunately I had to use the salons logo which wasn't the best design in the world, but you work with what you have.

Why they couldn't get their art department to come up with something is beyond me. They did like this though and it was up all over campus for a couple of weeks.

See it full size here.

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