I've been off work since last Wednesday. My intention was to give my finger a rest (see previous post) and to at least think about new ideas and try to figure out in what direction I should take my work.

The finger's certainly had plenty of rest because I’ve done sweet f.a. (apart from grow a beard) these last eight days. Unfortunately the inspiration has eluded me. It's as though my brain has shut down and I appear to me unable to think in creative terms. The more I dwell on this issue, the more frustrated I become. I hope that this is a temporary state as I am slowly losing my mind (which might not be a bad thing). The only thing I could come up with was this rip off of a poster that my brother-in-law asked me to do for him. He'd seen this on the Pedlars web site and as he's too tight to buy an original he asked me if I could put something together. Still, I'm always glad to steal ideas, especially as it seems that I am unable to come up with original ideas of my own.

I’m back at the day job tomorrow and when I tell folks that I’ve done nothing with my time off I will at least know that I am not lying.

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