It's not safe out there...

in cyber-space that is. All manner of nasty things floating around in the digital aether. Like this 'Advanced Virus Removal'. Christ knows where this came from but it caused hell in my box of tricks. It's some sort of trojan and hijacks everything. Your browser, task manager, run command line, system restore, reg edit. Man, what a nightmare. Until I found those nice people at Bleeping Computer who pointed me to this wonderful little program by Malwarebytes. This beauty cleaned everything up and put everything back to normal. Hurrah, panic over...till next time.

Still working on those little pieces that I mentioned in the post from the beginning of November. A couple of weeks should have this licked. I'm also working on some concept ideas for a graphic novel that I'm trying to put together. I mentioned it way back in August last year and so far that's all I've done (procrastination is my middle name). Well, I'm thinking of maybe putting it online instead, as a web strip. It's called Lupe...that's all I'm saying, the Internet has ears, you know. I'll put some images up once I'm comfortable with the designs.

One last and very important thing. Friday is Helen and mine's TENTH wedding anniversary, woo-hoo!! It's been an awesome the years, not without it's up's and down's but that's what marriage is about, yes. Anyway, because we are absolutely brasic there is no big celebration on the cards, just a low key day together. We'll spend the day strolling around Nottingham and intend to pay a visit to the new Nottingham Contemporary gallery, which opened last Friday. There is an awesome David Hockney exhibition on, can't wait.

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