The countdown to Tuscany has begun.

Four weeks from today I will be
here. And here is Garfagnara, Tuscany, Italy. How great is that. I'm expecting lush, verdant landscapes and azure blue sky's and from the looks of thing that's exactly what I'll get.

The trip is actually a joint 40Th birthday celebration for our Friends Paul and Varinia. No, she isn't Italian but she does share her name with
Spartacus's wife. Cool, eh? There's fourteen of us going, all told so the trip should be a blast. I'm hoping to find a few quiet moments to do a little sketching. We are staying in an old monastery (is there any other kind) so the architecture should be a combination of rustic functionality and religious grandeur. As a rule I'm not one for sketching landscapes etc. but this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Can't wait.

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