No one said it would be easy...

but then, no one said it would be this hard either.

I've had a bit of a break from the studio for a while. In fact the last time I went was a couple of weeks before Christmas. During this time, though, I've still been busy, working up ideas and concepts for new work for when I did, finally, return to print making. Also in the interim period there has been a show at The Beetroot Tree which, completely by accident, I was a part of. Just a modest sample of my work. An image called 'repeat'.

To my surprise this piece sold. Yay me!

I returned to the studio last week, bolstered with a new found confidence that someone other than my wife would consider giving one of my pictures house room.
I usually only get to spend one day a week there. In fact not even that, just five hours at a time is all that my schedule will allow. Those five hours are a precious commodity that I need to spend wisely and productively. So, when I have 'one of those days' when nothing goes right. I can become really despondent and down right pissed off with myself.

I'm a very hard task master when it comes those things which I consider I am competent in. When I start a job, be it a piece of art, D.I.Y. or whatever, I have in my head exactly what needs to be done, how those things should be done and when those things should accomplished by. I'm a planner, it's true...

Then it all goes wrong. As it did last Thursday at Green Door Studio. From the moment I set foot in the place fate conspired to slap my in the face with one cock up after another. I left feeling very deflated. Not to worry though because I'd booked three five hour slots this week. So I had a bad day, so what, I would make up for it this week. Except I didn't. Yesterday was just as bad.

I don't get it. I know what I want, need, to achieve and I know exactly what I need to do make sure that these things happen. So why the hell does every thing go belly up sometimes? There is nothing I detest more than wasted time.

But what of today? O.K. you be the judge. This is called, predictably enough, 'City Boy'.

And day three? That has had to be cancelled. Aargh!!

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Jadeic said...

Really good bit of work!

I watched you at the Studio over the past few days and you work with such intense focus despite all the babble going on around you. Sorry to read that the first two days were a write off but I guess you had to go through that to get it all to come together on the last day. All in all well worth the effort in my humble opinion.

No worries about the cancelled session - it will still be there waiting for you when next to have the time to spare.