They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Drew this sketch of retro Robbie last night and it got me to thinking; weren't we supposed to have robots by now? Remember when the science programs of yesteryear would make predictions of what life would be like in the 2000's. For those old enough to remember, I'm thinking specifically of Tomorrows World, but I'm sure there were others all of which were equally as inept at predicting what technical marvels the new Millennium held in store. I remember them preaching the virtues of a new music media called the Compact Disc. It was supposed to be nigh-on indestructible. Experiments were conducted live on air to show the fortitude of this little silver miracle. Sand paper was applied to its surface. Microwave ovens were employed to show its durability. It was dropped. Frozen. Burned. Hammered. Yet still it played with a clarity of sound unparalleled by any other recording medium before it.

Oh, and it would last forever.

So why the f%*k are all my CD's rapidly wearing out and refusing to play. Thank God for Mp3's.

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