I was on leave last week.

A whole seven days worth of not having to go to the office. Pure bliss! But that's over now and tomorrow morning I'll have to haul my ass out of the bed at the crack of dawn once more and wend my weary way through dangerous streets to spend hours on end glued to a computer screen.

However, let's just forget that for a moment. My week off was gloriously restful and highly productive in equal measure. One of the crowning achievements of the week was being able to fix the washer jets on the car. The motor had packed in and, from previous experience, I knew that replacing it would be a bitch. I tried to talk myself into taking the car to our local garage but my conscience and empty wallet got the better me. So, armed with only a spanner, screw driver, brute force and ignorance I tackled the job myself. And to my surprise I actually managed to fix the damn thing (four hours, scrapped knuckles and frayed temper later).

My other achievement was my first visit to
Green Door Printmaking studio in derby. Loved every minute of my time there. Pan showed me the ropes so now I'm being let loose on my own. Yay! Got to come up with something to work on though. I'm figuring on something not too complicated for my first solo print effort (as I'm bound to cock up big style).

I have something in mind. I'll post some images here later, once I've worked out what's what.

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