For the last three weeks I've been attending a course at the local collage. After years of being in possession of Photoshop, in various versions, I'm finally learning how to use the damn thing properly. There were some trepidations at first. I've been out of formal education for a very loooong time. I'm mostly self taught when it comes to P.C. stuff but enough was enough. I finally put procrastination aside and registered for the course. And I'm loving it. There aren’t many in the class, about seven or eight on a good night. But the mix is eclectic, which is always a good thing. One of the older of my class mates is actually the barber who I would go to as a kid of about fifteen. Of course, he doesn't recognize me and I can't think of a good enough reason to re-introduce myself.

And I've much less hair now.

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