On Wednesday Helen and I were in Birmingham. It was a pleasant day. The sun shone. We took in an exhibition at the Icon gallery, said hi to our aquatic friends at the Sea Life Centre and did a little shopping. Somewhere along the way we stopped in Victoria Square to eat sandwiches that we had bought earlier. Sitting on the wall that circumvents the 'Floozy in the Jacuzzi" (see below) I noticed a guy

sketching. So, what's so unusual? Well, this guy was sketching with a marker pen. A fucking HUGE marker pen. He must have been some kind of architecture student or something (on first glance I thought he was Kevin McLoed of Grand Designs fame but that's another story) because he was sketching the buildings around the square. They way he drew was amazing. The size of the marker didn't allow him to record any of the finner detailing of the architecture. Never the less the drawings were still clearly identifiable with the buildings that they depicted. The page just held light and dark, the positive and negative of the space.

So I have to try this. I do sketch with markers, albeit ones with a finner tip, but I'm on the hunt for the chunkiest marker I can find. Watch this space.

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