Most folks that know me, know that I'm a comic book geek. Have been for years. Copying the characters from the books (no, I don't mean that I put on tights and a cape) was how I learned to draw. So it was pretty apt when I came across this today on the BBC web site.

"More than 1,000 superhero costumes and props are up for auction at a huge, $3m sale of Hollywood memorabilia. From Will Smith's Men in Black suit to an original T.I.E. fighter from Star Wars - they are all going under the hammer in Los Angeles. They are being sold by Profiles in History, a US dealership in everything nostalgic."

Perhaps I could put on that cape after all. Not sure that I would go down too well in the office, though.

I also came across this. Something that you should only see in a comic book.

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