A blank sheet of paper TERRIFIES me.

No, really.

I think it's the fear of making a mistake. I have trouble with making mistakes. It realy bugs me when I 'F' things up. I live and breath art and my life would be a sadder, duller place without it. Yet when it comes down to making art of my own, that first step is always hardest. That first mark on the paper the most difficult to execute. I wonder why then, do I not suffer from this effliction when creating on the computer? The 'ctrl Z' key stroke could be the reason. Make as many mistakes as you like and this key combination will take you back a step, then another and so on until you're back in the safe zone, to the point where you actually knew what you were doing. Then you're off again until the next mistake.

I need a pencil with a 'ctrl Z' function.

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